Letters to the Editor

Several of your sources hauled out the old trope about how education is the key that solves it all. More
Would love to see the "% of tax revenue" data added to these charts [on income distribution]...can't tell if we're making progress or not. More
I don't need a reporter to say, "He said, she said," without inserting a single real-world fact. There is no argument that tax cuts to the wealthy are nearly as effective an economic stimulant as the same dollars put into the family of a firefighter or teacher. More
Thanks so much for the remarkable interview with James Loewen on the Confederacy and Neo-Confederacy. More
The U.S. economic system is better exemplified by David Chandler's "L Curve" visualization. More
"Preparation for Active Citizenship not on Education Agenda," highlights what is a major oversight in our approach to education. Math and Reading are of course important but are a part of many disciplines that students should master to become functioning members of a society. More
Article fails to consider that "pro-inflation" strategies have a redistributive component that favors spenders and debtors. More
It is time to stop blaming others and to start to listen more to the varied voices looking to contribute to the discussion. More