Letters to the Editor

Praise for Matt Davies' cartoon on how veterans are being treated. More
A reader responds to our press criticism regarding a New York Times article about upcoming "Taxmaggedon." More
Laying the causes of all of Detroit's problems at the feet of unions, not, as Remapping Debate's four-part series suggested, looking at a broad array of causes (such as a lack of regional cooperation). More
I have applied for hundreds and hundreds of jobs in my field over the past two years to no avail — in spite of more than 30 years of experience. I should say “because of” rather than “in spite of” since for most positions my experience works against me. I have found that there exists almost no possibilities between my last good position (I was making $65,000 with good benefits) and the crappy hourly positions I’ve been forced to take the past year. More
Consultant costs represent only a tiny fraction of pension fund assets. The deeper questions are whether the costs of managing the funds are out of line with the costs of managing investments more generally, and whether the performance of the managing employees and outside contractors has been worth the expenditure. More
When thinking about preferences, justice and the social good demand that we assess not only not only hot-button issues like race-based affirmative action, but less visible preferences as well, including legacy admissions and those for athletes. More
Derek Jeter is often pointed to as a counter-example to cheating culture: someone who plays the game fairly. A reader questions the accuracy of that example. More
Readers respond to beginning of Remapping Debate series on the narrowness of economics education at most schools. More