Letters to the Editor

Your series on Detroit is very good and I've learned quite a bit. I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit during the 1960s and 1970s, so all of this shines new light on my own childhood experiences... More
Our article on German automakers in the U.S. (lower wages, non-union) versus German same automakers in Germany (higher wages, fully unionized) generated a series of questions and criticisms. More
Reader applauds questions asked of immigration advocates; voices concerns about immigration to U.S. hurting workers, driving down living standards. More
It is a terrible disrespect for patients in my opinion that most institutions still have unnecessarily severe pre-operative fasting guidelines. More
Reader responds to Remapping Debate's new, widely referenced data visualizations on the increasing number and scope of state-level abortion restrictions. More
Direct highlighting, as in Remapping Debate's recent criticism of NYT political coverage, makes arguments more powerfully than words ever could. More
The differences highlighted in Remapping Debate's series on Denmark's policy choices resonate with a Dane living in the United States. More
Reader wonders about lack of activism. More