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Readable Research | By Samantha Cook | Budget deficit, Politics, Taxes
25 Democratic and Independent Senators voted to continue Bush tax cuts for 99.3 percent of households. What did they say when those cuts were enacted? More
Readable Research | By Raphael Pope-Sussman | Corporate influence, Regulation
Part 3 of Remapping Debate's series on chronic under-regulation examines the decades-long failure to make the SEC an enforcer equal to the task of policing an ever-more-powerful financial sector. More
Readable Research | By Abby Ferla | Regulation
Part 2 of Remapping Debate's series on chronic under-regulation examines the history of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The complaints about OSHA recur through the decades: under-funding, under-staffing, under-enforcement, lax penalties, a tortured process under which it routinely takes several years to promulgate regulations on a vast array of workplace hazards. More
Readable Research | By Abby Ferla | Health, Regulation
Remapping Debate begins a new series that examines recurring patterns of regulatory failure across industries, and across administrations. Part 1 looks at the FDA and the cosmetics industry: under-regulated for over 30 years. More
Readable Research | By Craig Gurian | Housing
With rent regulation set to expire next month if not renewed by the state legislature, and with New York's governor having failed to specify how, if at all, he would like the system strengthened, Remapping Debate looks back at the crucial moment when believers in market theology were able to weaken the regulation system profoundly. More