Another way that patients are routinely treated disrespectfully

Letters to the Editor |

Dec. 18, 2011 — Enjoyed your article [“Patients routinely treated disrespectfully”] and agreed that over–long waits cause patients stress and harm (and also agree that the pace set for doctors means they are not always to blame for this). However, one point made cried out for mention of another way patients are, in my opinion, mistreated. Julia Hallisy of the Empowered Patient Coalition says: “Often there are…resources to help patients…but patients need to know about them…[not just] when they’re signing in,…already nervous, when maybe they haven’t eaten all day.”

It is a terrible disrespect for patients in my opinion that most institutions still have unnecessarily severe pre-operative fasting guidelines. These guidelines cause suffering and are far from ideal for patient welfare. Yet, the recommended practice guidelines of the American Society of Anesthesiology Task Force, which are far more permissive, are not being widely implemented.

Anne Peticolas, Austin, Texas


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