Letters to the Editor

Markets fail in the provision of public goods. They seem to work just fine for provision of goods for which people have adequate money to pay, or rather, an adequate number of people have adequate money to pay, but not for goods that everybody needs! More
Your effort to hold the The New York Times's feet to the fire is an essential aid to curing our ailing democracy. More
Series on doctor shortage should have pointed out that it is increasingly difficult for a person to justify the incredible financial and personal sacrifices involved in becoming, and working as, a physician. More
Many of these business owners have clearly expressed that the lack of certainty is a major factor in their business plans. Uncertainty breeds (understandable) reluctance to make commitments. More
Our politicians have decided to violate the core principal of capitalism by not allowing failure through bankruptcy for the industries and banks that became over-leveraged and had improperly used derivatives and credit derivative swap (CDS) markets stupidly and idiotically. More
These are kids who, given a vocational technical education, could become great scientists and successful engineers. More
The assumption that any paid position is indicative of a "shadow" government that is somehow inherently corrupt is not connected to the reality of how most elected officials and their staff come to policy judgments. That analysis doesn't lend itself to a handy chart and press release. More
Article engaged in "fear-mongering" and didn't look at radiation ordinarily involved in flying. More