Your look at the "two income trap" through the eyes of the right was amusing

Letters to the Editor

January 25, 2011 — Re: For Those Working — Why So Much? Your look at the “two income trap” through the eyes of the right was amusing. Most of those quotes from think-tankers are priceless: “Competition runs both ways … You just have to be somewhat entrepreneurial.” I also love how none of them study the reality of folks below the upper middle class.

Surprised to find myself agreeing with the Family Research Council’s take on child care subsidies. Give to one, give to all. OK.

But you let a little too much nonsense stand, in my opinion. Several of your sources hauled out the old trope about how education is the key that solves it all. I suggest you make an effort in the future to zero in on that. After all, half of everyone has a below average IQ. Have any of those think tank brainiacs addressed the implications of that?

Edward Ericson (Baltimore, Maryland)

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