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There are currently more than 30 million adults in the United States whose ability to read, write, and do basic math is at or below the level of the average third grader. The current system of adult basic education in the U.S. has long been unable to reach more than a fraction of the population that could benefit from its services. Experts in the field agree that this is a problem that could be meaningfully addressed. Doing so, however, would require aggressive, coordinated investment on all levels of government, and the federal government has not provided the necessary leadership or funding. In fact, over the last decade, federal funding, adjusted for inflation, has gone down. State governments, too, have mostly failed to respond in any way that would suggest recognition that the epidemic of adult illiteracy is an emergency.More
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A pilot project opens the door to squeezing people into spaces as small as 250 square feet. Is the prospect of making the most dense parts of New York City even denser a beneficial innovation? Or is it a retrograde lowering of living standards that also fails to provide a meaningful contribution to solving New York's affordable housing crisis?More
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In most of New York State, it doesn’t matter what “metal level” you choose: you can’t get an individual or family health insurance plan on the state’s exchange that provides coverage for out-of-network physician care. How did the exchange come to be designed without a requirement of such coverage? That’s what the insurers chose. And some advocates for better health care are concerned.More
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Key considerations ignored by the entitlements-must-be-cut brigade: both the economy and quality of life would get a boost if U.S. retirees spent as much as old people elsewhere. Why don’t they? The lack of an adequate safety net breeds fear. A more robust safety net would create a positive cascade. Conversely, cuts to Social Security and Medicare promise to make the elderly experience more fear and be even less willing to spend.More
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Deep cuts in agency conference travel sought by GOP members of Congress belie their “run government like business” mantra.More
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Scientists say that climate change could very well lead to a rise in infectious diseases in Florida, including illnesses spread by mosquitoes. Meanwhile, the state has gone about cutting its public health budgets, which may leave it woefully unprepared to rise to the challenge.More
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Court settlement directs NYPD to provide Remapping Debate with copies of protest permit records previously withheld from us, and to pay our attorney's fees. But data provided so far is incomplete and fight will continue over Department's claim of having no records for key periods (including 1967 to 1969, a time of extensive protest).More
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The public sector can't match the money of finance, consulting, or tech, but it can take a page from their recruiting playbooks.More