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Original Reporting | | Health care, Insurance, Quality of life
The limited debate of the last few years keeps the public from knowing the full scope of the potential health benefits it is being asked to give up.More
Original Reporting | | Corporate influence, Health care, Insurance
The hawking of market-based prescriptions. Part 2 of our series on how public discussion of quality of medical care came to be supplanted by an almost exclusive focus on cost control.More
Original Reporting | | Corporate influence, Health care, Insurance
The rise of “competitive,” for-profit health insurance from the ’70s to the ’90s. Concerns about quality of care lose out. First in a series.More
Original Reporting | | Energy, Infrastructure
Long Islanders suffered through an extended period of post-Sandy electrical outages. National Grid, which operates the system for an asleep-at-the-wheel LIPA, is a for-profit company. LIPA's predecessor, LILCO, was too. But the initial report of Gov. Cuomo's Moreland Commission recommends full privatization. Is this the best way?More
Original Reporting | | Aging, Alternative models, Quality of life
As the number of elderly Americans grows, some suggest that they are going to have to make due with less support. But many older people already face increasing isolation as the years go on; they live in fear of losing their homes. One recent response: a "Village model" where members and non-member volunteers join in an organized system of mutual aid.More
Original Reporting | | Budget deficit, Role of government, Taxes
If all Bush era tax cuts had been allowed to expire and if capital gains and dividend rates had been equalized with that of ordinary income, many “unaffordable” programs could have been paid for — even with the AMT being fixed.More
Original Reporting | | Health care, Insurance
Any hopes that large employers would be penalized for failing to offer affordable insurance coverage to the spouses and dependent children of their employees under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) were recently dashed by a proposed interpretation of the law from the Obama Administration.More
Original Reporting | | Infrastructure, NYC, Transportation
In part 2 of our story on New York’s failure to get a full build-out of the long-needed Second Avenue subway, we focus on the area’s politicians — especially those who hold themselves out to be advocates of mass transit. Most hid from our questioning; some accepted the idea that key infrastructure needs will not be met; a few insisted that the decision to shortchange the Second Avenue subway and similar projects was indefensible.More