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By Mike Alberti | Employment
Labor force participation rate able to be assessed across scores of demographic composites, each specifying race or ethnicity, sex, age, and educational attainment. More
By Mike Alberti | Unemployment
In the most recent data, the 12-month moving average of the unemployment rate was available for 258 distinct demographic composites. Out of the 20 demographic composites with the highest 12-month moving average of the unemployment rate in December (ranging from 23.48 percent to 51.57 percent), 14 were Black, Non-Hispanic; 14 were between the ages of 16 and 25; and 15 were demographic composites with an educational component of “less than a high school education." More
By Mike Alberti | Income inequality
Two new tools to help compare and contrast wage levels across more than 800 occupations. Plus a list of occupations where so many people earn more than the highest pay band in the Bureau of Labor Statistics survey that worker pay at the 90th, 75th, 50th, or even 25th percentile can’t currently be calculated. More
By Mike Alberti | Energy, Taxes
When it comes to onshore production on federal land, companies pay hundreds of millions less than they would if the federal government followed the higher tax regime of some states. More
By Minyong Cho | Education
These data visualizations take you inside the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) data to let you decide. In addition to international comparisons, achievement levels within the U.S. are broken down by race and ethnicity. More
By Meade Klingensmith, By Mike Alberti | Law, Politics
Senate action on 20 pending nominations combined with 15 new nominations by the president result in very different snapshot from six months ago. Will new picture last? Data viz tools allow examination of all judicial vacancies since 2001. More
By Mike Alberti | Pensions, State government
Amounts paid to outside investment consultants by big public pension funds as much as 36 percent of what these funds pay for their employees' salaries. More
By Mike Alberti | Employment
Visualizing the added toll of underemployment, including discouraged workers and other marginally attached workers. In 2012, 23 states were still clocking in with a combined unemployment and underemployment rate of 14 percent or higher. More