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| Civil rights, Housing, Race
Demographers: media focus on slow, positive trend for African-Americans should not obscure reality of still-segregated society.More
| Taxes
As Tax Day looms — and as President and GOP compete to reduce tax rates — an interactive tool helps make clear who has had to pay what throughout the entire post- World War II period.More
| Employment
Projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show 44 occupations that will grow by 100,000 or more jobs. Seven of the top 10 pay under $35,000.More
| Open government
First look at dozens of senior committee staff members who used to be lobbyists. Now with Mar. 16 updates.More
| Open government
Current Chiefs-of-Staff and Legislative Directors who have one or more lobbying jobs in their past. Now with Mar. 16 updates.More
| Health care
As Congressional Republicans do their best to repeal "Obama-care," Remapping Debate revisits how "Bush-care" stacked up against England and Canada in terms of ER visits per 1,000 people in the period from 2003 to 2008.More
| Open government
A follow-up to Remapping Debate's joint project with the Center for Responsive Politics, this data viz follows the new employers and positions for top staffers of Members of Congress who left office at the end of 2010. Now with Mar. 16 updates.More
| Civil rights, Housing, Race
Remapping Debate's analysis of the latest information from recently-released 5-year American Community Survey highlights a nation where "pockets of segregation" are everywhere to be found.More