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By Althea Webber | Open government
Remapping Debate's new visualization tools, building on data from the Center for Responsive Politics, allow for a detailed examination of the increase in the number of ex-lobbyists now working as key congressional staffers from the number employed in the previous (111th) Congress. One tool allows for a detailed view of the interests — by "client," industry, and sub-industry — that each ex-lobbyist represented. The other enables the user to research in the opposite direction: selecting a “client” and identifying all of the ex-lobbyists employed in both the current or last Congress who have done that entity's bidding. More
By Mike Alberti | Gender equity, Health
While life expectancy in the country as a whole has continued to rise steadily for the last twenty years, a new study shows that life expectancy for women has actually declined during this period in 313 U.S. counties, most in the Southeast, the Southern Midwest, and Appalachia. Life expectancy for men, by contrast, only declined in six counties (although the study did find that men in these same areas tended to have worse outcomes than men elsewhere). More
By Mike Alberti | Education
An enhanced advanced version of our data visualization on education attainment. Whereas before the advanced versions only permitted the most recent data set in each subject to be compared, the new advanced versions provide historical data as well (going back into 1990s administrations of some tests). Comparison across time is now added to comparisons of subject, grade level, economic status, race, gender, and ethnicity. More
Data visualization
By Mike Alberti | Education
Most recent U.S. Dept. of Education data made "slice-able" by grade, subject, and demographic variables. More
By Craig Gurian | Civil rights, Housing, Race
Demographers: media focus on slow, positive trend for African-Americans should not obscure reality of still-segregated society. More
By Mike Alberti | Taxes
As Tax Day looms — and as President and GOP compete to reduce tax rates — an interactive tool helps make clear who has had to pay what throughout the entire post- World War II period. More
By Mike Alberti | Employment
Projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show 44 occupations that will grow by 100,000 or more jobs. Seven of the top 10 pay under $35,000. More
By Althea Webber | Open government
First look at dozens of senior committee staff members who used to be lobbyists. Now with Mar. 16 updates. More