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American-based corporations, though they claim many of the rights and benefits of American citizenship, are reluctant to acknowledge that they owe corresponding national obligations, Remapping Debate has found. According to scholars and historians, that state of affairs is historically new and represents a fundamental disjunction between how individuals and corporations perceive the rights and duties of citizenship.More
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The ticket to getting widespread transit adoption in U.S. cities? Invest in convenient service upfront. The riders will follow.More
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How have recent developments affected the views of Senators on filibuster reform? Where do they stand now? They certainly have thought about the issue, haven't they? Well, it's really hard to get them to put their cards on the table.More
Original Reporting | | Aging, Poverty, Social Security
The evidence we have pieced together through additional probing suggests that for those aged 45 to 54, there is a range of policy options — beyond the fatalistic prescription to “just work longer” — that has the potential to materially enhance retirement security, if adopted quickly. For those aged 55 to 64 the outlook is bleaker, though temporary increases in Social Security payments targeted to that group (or its poorest members), or an expansion of anti-poverty programs such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), could, if enacted, ameliorate the worst of the anticipated impacts on the poorest retirees. Despite the availability of a potential solution for the 45- to 54-year-old group and of an improved safety net for the 55- to 64-year-old group, no one we spoke with suggested that the political will to effect such changes exists today.More
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Does the notion that every American should be guaranteed a basic level of income sound utopian? In the late 1960s and early 1970s it was mainstream.More
Original Reporting | | Alternative models, History
As “market values” have replaced “social values,” they've driven a once-popular policy idea out of favor. Not coincidentally, the prevailing American concept of citizenship has come to de-emphasize participation and mutual obligation.More
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Narrowing or eliminating the exclusion of earnings above $113,700 from Social Security taxation may or may not be a good idea, but it is surely a matter central to the public policy choices to be made, and is a matter of significant public interest. Nevertheless, most Democratic and Independent Senators questioned would not state their position on the issue.More
Original Reporting | | Reproductive health services
Little is being done to expand training options, and some abortion-rights supporters are reluctant to draw attention to the issue. Who is said to need more training access and opportunities? Medical students, residents, and practicing physicians.More