Mike Alberti

Mike Alberti has worked for Remapping Debate since its launch. He has been our chief correspondent, and is currently a senior contributing reporter.  Mike graduated with a B.A. in English from Vassar College in 2009. He has previously contributed to The Colorado Springs Independent, The Independent Weekly in Durham, N.C., and The Weekly Beat in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. He is originally from Albuquerque, N.M.

Original Reporting | By Mike Alberti | Regulation, Trade
Would the agreement’s chapter on the financial services sector operate, both on a legal level and on a political level, to deter a host of potential market-regulating mechanisms (like limiting the size of financial institutions) in the U.S. and South Korea? Why was the FTA not affirmatively used to shape an operational framework within which the financial services sector would be obliged — at least in respect to Korean and U.S. companies — to operate in a manner to reduce systemic risk domestically, bilaterally, and internationally? More
Original Reporting | By Mike Alberti | Environment, Trade
While the recent controversy surrounding China’s almost complete control over rare earth elements may seem to some like an arcane debate over minerals with hard-to-pronounce names, for many experts and economists it represents a concrete example of a broader long-term failure of United States trade and industrial policy. More
Story Repair | By Mike Alberti | Deregulation, Economy, NYC, Taxes
Based on a close examination of the Mayor’s Dec. 8 speech, Dec. 12 appearance on NBC's Meet the Press, his past record, and feedback from across the ideological spectrum, it is clear that his self-described “common sense proposals” on economic policy largely reflect a traditional Republican stance in the echoing of a pro-corporate agenda. More
Original Reporting | By Mike Alberti | Civil rights, Legislation
It's been clear that federal civil rights progress would become harder in the new Congress, but most civil rights advocacy groups haven't prepared to take fight for gains to the state and local level. More
Original Reporting | By Mike Alberti | Banking
Remapping Debate translates 18 years of FDIC data into interactive form; top 5 banks viewable within and across sectors. More
Original Reporting | By Mike Alberti, By Adam Kroopnick | Media
Remapping Debate recently visited Union Square Park in New York to sample what some people had to say about the state of press coverage today. More