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Original Reporting | Mike Alberti, Kevin C. Brown | Alternative models, History
April 24, 2013 — Imagine this headline: “House of Representatives approves proposal for guaranteed annual income by wide margin.” The passage of that kind of social welfare measure sounds wholly...view
Original Reporting | T.J. Lewan | Corporations, Taxes
June 25, 2014 — Corporate “inversions,” as they’re known in accounting parlance, are transactions in which U.S. corporations take over smaller foreign rivals from low-tax countries and allow those...view
Original Reporting | T.J. Lewan | Health care, Medicine
May 7, 2014 — Since shortages of critical drugs became a fixture of the American medical landscape a decade ago, pundits have proposed an array of incentives to encourage more production from...view
Original Reporting | David Noriega | Education
April 23, 2014 — Early this month, the New York State Legislature passed a budget that includes significant new tax cuts, most notably $1.5 billion in property tax reductions. Also in the budget are...view
Original Reporting | David Noriega | Health care
April 9, 2014 — Remapping Debate has reported before on the shortage of physicians already facing the nation, a shortage that promises to become more acute as time goes on. Rather than deal...view
Original Reporting | David Noriega | Alternative models, Role of government
March 13, 2014 — So far, our series has focused on diagnosing the existence, consequences, and causes of San Jose’s chronic maladies. In this final installment, we turn to the question of the...view
Original Reporting | David Noriega | Corporate influence, Income inequality, Urban Policy
March 12, 2014 — Russell Hancock pointed out the window of his downtown office at a complex of three corporate towers, shining white and hive-like in the dry sun of the valley. “That’s Adobe’s...view
Original Reporting | David Noriega | Globalization, History, Urban Policy
March 6, 2014 — In the middle of the 20th Century, the Santa Clara Valley was known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight. Before the suburban tract housing and industrial parks, the land was...view
Original Reporting | David Noriega | Government services, Taxes
March 5, 2014 — San Jose, perhaps surprisingly, is bigger than any other city for 300 miles. At one million people, it is the Bay Area’s forgotten metropolis, defined far less by its own...view
Original Reporting | David Noriega | Corporate influence, Urban Policy
March 5, 2014 — San Jose, California, was ranked as the country’s best-performing city in 2012. That was according to the Milken Institute, an economic think tank that rates metro areas according to...view