Margaret Moslander

Margaret Moslander is a reporter for Remapping Debate. A native of New York, New York, she graduated from Middlebury College with a B.A. with honors in political science in May 2011.
Original Reporting | By Margaret Moslander | Health care
Remapping Debate's follow-up to our article on doctor-patient communication explores an additional aspect of everyday medical interactions: the ways in which "inconveniences" imposed on patients — commonly seen as "just the way things are" — actually cause psychological and emotional harm. Long wait times, rushed appointments, and the failure of doctors to be forthcoming with important information lead patients to feel devalued, overlooked, frustrated, and "disrespected. More
Original Reporting | By Margaret Moslander | Education, Health care
Remapping Debate’s examination of the issues of doctors failing to communicate and empathize reveals that, despite innovative efforts at a number of medical schools, the medical community as a whole still has far to go to remedy these problems. Indeed, some of those most closely involved in trying to reshape medical education to bring communication and compassion to the forefront candidly admit that there are currently profound structural barriers in the organization of medical care that limit the effectiveness of the most well-intentioned training interventions. More
Story Repair | By Margaret Moslander | Labor, Regulation
Department of Labor rules promote higher standard of living for workers, hold employers to promises of full-time work. DOL, worker advocates say rules will create incentive for Americans to take jobs, but employers say that the changes will be "catastrophic," insist they need low-wage, flexible-hour environment. More