Photo Essay

Public Works Administration and schools in New York City

Dec. 21, 2011 — Photos of some of the schools built in New York City with Public Works Administration assistance. Data on costs and completion date come from the PWA publication, “Allotments for Educational Building Construction: List of Projects, by State and County, showing the number of buildings and classrooms with student capacity, the total estimated cost and amount of allotment with loan and grant portions.”add note about inflation adjustment.” We cross-referenced this documentation with the listings contained in the county-by-county breakdowns of projects contained in the legislation-specific listings identified in our note on data visualization sources, and also relied on information on New Deal era school construction provided upon request by the New York City Department of Education. Inflation adjustment is calculated based on the year of the legislaton from which a project’s funding was obtained. In some cases, insufficient information was available to distinguish between highly similar projects built under the same bill, in which case we note that we are providing aggregate cost information.

This photo essay is part of the story, “When the federal government dared to act”.

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