Diana Jean Schemo

Diana Jean Schemo worked as a senior staff reporter at Remapping Debate.  Diana had previously been a long-time New York Times reporter.  She has recently published a book entitled “Skies to Conquer: A Year Inside the Air Force Academy.”

Story Repair | By Diana Jean Schemo | Banking, Economy, Housing, Wall Street Journal
With greater scrutiny of bank conduct slowing the foreclosure process, economists and real estate agents divided sharply over the impact of those delays on the housing recovery. They also were split over the economic consequences for the real estate market if banks were to make greater use of loan modification programs, as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and some economists have proposed. More
Original Reporting | By Diana Jean Schemo | Economy, Pensions
With 78 million Baby Boomers heading into retirement over the next 20-plus years, how will cuts in guaranteed monthly pension benefits to both public and private sector workers — in addition to those that have already been implemented — affect the ability of future retirees to engage in economy-sustaining consumer spending? More