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Sept. 14, 2011 — Have a higher resolution monitor? Click here for screen resolutions of 1280 x 960 or better, or here for 1920 x 1200 or better. view
Kudos | Remapping Debate | Budget deficit, Corporate influence, Taxes
June 22, 2011 — Remapping Debate isn’t shy about critiquing centrist-premised, don’t-bother-with-assessing-the-truth reporting in The New York Times. Like others, we see the Times as having an...view
Original Reporting | Eric Kroh | Energy, Taxes
May 4, 2011 — Following large first-quarter earnings announcements from major oil companies, President Obama, in his Apr. 30 weekly web address, renewed his call for the elimination of oil and gas...view
Map & Data Resources | Mike Alberti | Taxes
April 12, 2011 — At a time when both the President and his GOP adversaries are looking to lower income tax rates, it is helpful to get some historical perspective — a process that quickly reveals...view
Original Reporting | Mike Alberti | Taxes
April 6, 2011 — Over the last few months, the debate over the 2011 budget has been focused on two questions: how much to cut, and from where? In February, Republicans in the House of Representatives...view
Press Criticism | Craig Gurian | State government, Taxes
April 6, 2011 — With an attention grabbing headline warning about “the price of taxing the rich,” a subhead explaining that “the top 1% of earners fill the coffers of states like California and New...view
Kudos | Remapping Debate | Corporate influence, Taxes
March 30, 2011 — Kudos to the New York Times and its reporter David Kocieniewski for last week’s story on how a large corporation goes about navigating a tax system that is commonly described...view
Original Reporting | Mike Alberti | Budget deficit, Economy, Taxes
March 16, 2011 — The township of Mount Holly is in central New Jersey, near the Delaware River. It has 9,536 residents, some of whom work across the river in Philadelphia. Last week, along with...view
Original Reporting | Diana Jean Schemo | Economy, State government, Taxes
February 9, 2011 — For nearly five years, the 12 states ringing the Great Lakes have worked together in an entity called the Great Lakes Economic Initiative, designed to promote development of the...view
Commentary | Craig Gurian | Government services, Taxes
January 11, 2011 — It’s hard to find a big-state governor who is not sounding a call for “shared sacrifice.” It’s even harder to find one who really means it. Almost a year ago, New Jersey’s Chris...view