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June 8, 2011 — The “Weiner scandal” is the subject of more than 6,000 articles to be found on Google News, including page 1 coverage in the The Washington Post and The New York Times. The Wall Street...view
Commentary | Craig Gurian | Banking, Housing, Regulation
June 8, 2011 — As most recently reported in The New York Times, the Obama Administration’s foreclosure prevention effort “does include programs to help unemployed homeowners, but they have been...view
Original Reporting | James Lardner | Banking, Regulation
May 12, 2011 — With the passage of last year’s Dodd-Frank reform law, the 111th Congress called for the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Now, two months before its scheduled...view
Original Reporting | Greg Marx | Markets, Regulation
April 20, 2011 — In the fallout from the financial crisis, the Securities and Exchange Commission has frequently been criticized for its failure to take on some of the country’s largest commercial...view
Original Reporting | James Lardner | Regulation
April 6, 2011 — Is America’s economic recovery being stymied by the “uncertainty” associated with new or changing federal regulation? Are businesses standing on the sidelines while they wait for the...view
Original Reporting | James Lardner | Environment, Regulation
March 9, 2011 — In 1983, Ronald Reagan needed a symbol of integrity to run the Environmental Protection Administration and put the lid on a scandal involving its Superfund cleanup program. He...view
Original Reporting | James Lardner | Regulation
A massive 2008 coal ash spill in Tennessee was the catalyst for an Environmental Protection Agency effort to require improved storage practices. February 16, 2011 — “We’re listening” signs had...view
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President Barack Obama speaking with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak at the G-20 Summit in Seoul in Nov. 2010. February 1, 2011 — Over the last 20 years, proponents of free trade have rested...view
ProPublica Reports | Paul Kiel, Olga Pierce | Banking, Housing, Regulation
January 27, 2011 — With millions of homeowners still struggling to stay in their homes, the Obama administration’s $75 billion foreclosure prevention program has been weakened, perhaps fatally, by...view
Original Reporting | James Lardner | Regulation
January 25, 2011 — House Republicans and the President jockeyed last week to demonstrate their opposition to “bad” regulations. House majority leader Eric Cantor was confrontational, rallying fellow-...view