Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | | Health care, Medicine
May 15, 2014 — I found your article entitled “Ignoring a solution to chronic drug shortages” in the May 7, 2014 issue of Remapping Debate to be very provocative. I am currently the Chair of the...view
Letters to the Editor | | Health care, Medicine
May 13, 2014 — Re: Ignoring a solution to chronic drug shortages. There is another solution: the regular generic drug companies manufacture some predetermined excess of these drugs, have the...view
Letters to the Editor | | Government services, Taxes
March 26, 2014 — While I wholeheartedly support your proposal [“Left behind: San Jose and the broken promises of the neoliberal era”] for regional revenue sharing in the Silicon Valley region,...view
Letters to the Editor | | Health care, Insurance
March 26, 2013 — I have very mixed feelings about Mike Alberti’s article [“Keeping the ‘best care’ option out of the health spending equation”] about the focus on cost/overutilization in health...view
Letters to the Editor | | New York Times, Urban Policy
March 13, 2013 — I’m afraid that Mike Alberti [in “New York Times flogs pension problems, ignores regional context in Detroit post-mortem”] is merely looking at different trees than the...view
Letters to the Editor | | Corporate influence, Health care, Insurance
Feb. 15, 2013 — All in all, “Managed Cost, Mismanaged Care” is pretty accurate — with one big exception. I know that congressional health care leaders (at least in 1971) did not view HMOs and...view
Letters to the Editor | | Budget deficit, Media
Jan. 18, 2013 — I must first exclaim with enthusiasm how thrilled I am to have found your site (Remapping Debate). It is both the content and method with which I am pleased. That is, I happen...view
Letters to the Editor | | Health care, Insurance
Jan. 15, 2013 — [In response to the following statment from “Even with the Affordable Care Act, health insurance coverage for many families may remain unaffordable”:] The ACA generally defines...view
Letters to the Editor | | Energy, Infrastructure, Regulation
Dec. 20, 2012 — [In response to “Nuclear power plant flood risk: Sandy was just a warm-up,” which cites the fact that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s deadline for the first stage of its...view
Letters to the Editor | | Elections, Voting rights
Nov. 26, 2012 — I really enjoyed Kevin Brown’s article “Underfunding of voter registration: a guarantee that 25 percent or more of Americans won’t participate.” I have been fascinated by...view