Lyric of the week

November 21, 2013

Four cruel days under stormy skies
Not much bread to keep us alive
The wind kicked up and the rain came down
And then we all heard a terrible sound

Adios querida
Nothing more to say
I’m lost in the wreck of the Carlos Rey

I struggled against the pull of the tide
I clutched my bag with your picture inside
But my heart did break as it slipped away
Disappearing into the gray

Adios querida
I’ve gone to stay
Down in the wreck of the Carlos Rey

“Wreck of the Carlos Rey,” Los Lobos

November 7, 2013

The high priest of money looks down on the river
The dawn coming up on his kingdom of gold
When the rim of the sun sends an arrow of silver
He prays to the gods of the bought and the sold

He turns to his symbols, his ribbons of numbers
They circle and spin on their mystical scroll
He looks for a sign while the city still slumbers
And the ribbons and the river forever unroll

“Kingdom of Gold,” Mark Knopfler