Lyric of the week

October 30, 2013

Hitchin’ down the highway
Ain’t feelin’ too well
Flaggin’ down the passersby
and none will stop to help

Been out here all alone
Makes me want to cry
Makes me want to lay down
On these tracks to die

She’s long, she’s tall, she’s gone

“She’s Long, She’s Tall, She’s Gone,” Trampled Under Foot

October 16, 2013

Rain leakin’ through the ceilin’
Wind blow through the door
Didn’t have no bed
Just a ripped blanket on the floor

I came up hard
Yes, I came up hard
Oh, but I ain’t the only one
Lord knows, I came up hard

I played a lot of hooky
Never once got caught
Out behind the juke joint
And I surely learned a lot

Oh, I came up hard
Oh, yes, I really came up hard
I think I did all right
Lord knows, I came up hard

“I Came Up Hard,” Buddy Guy 

October 9, 2013

All these years
I kept my style
I wouldn’t cross over
So it took me a while
…Before the money came

Oh, I’ve got so much to say
So damn proud I was built this way
Some folks didn’t see my world
Didn’t know where I fit in
40 years I kept singin’
Before the money started
…rollin’ in

“Before the Money Came,” Bettye LaVette