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The tool on this page allows you to identify a pay level and answer the question, “What occupations pay about this amount?”

To use the tool, enter a wage amount, choose the percentile for which you want your answer (for example, occupations where, at the 50th percentile, people earn around $50,000 ). Then choose the amount of variation in pay you want so that a pay band is created.

After this, select an occupational category. When you do this, each occupation with the applicable occupational categories will be displayed below. Note that the pay data will not update unless you highlight the occupation you wish to select.

Note as well that when you change parameters, you also have to affirmatively select (or re-select an occupational category and the occupation within the results that you wish to view).

Not all occupations (or even all occupational categories) are available at all pay levels. Most frequently, the higher the wage level selected and the higher the wage percentile selected, the fewer occupations fit the chosen parameters.



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