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Independent director pay at “top 50” companies

Map & Data Resources | By Samantha CookMeade KlingensmithMike Alberti |

The visualization below drills down to enable you to explore the compensation over time of each independent director of each of the top 50 firms. When you select a company and director, you will also see whether the director serves or has served as an independent director for any other top 50 firm during all or any part of his or her term, or prior thereto, with the company selected.

Finally, the visualization will display other “affiliations” of the independent director. We use the term affiliation to refer to an entity at which an independent director held a position either during some or all of his or her tenure as an independent director, or prior thereto, excluding independent directorships at other companies (other than that of an independent director serving as chair of a corporate board of directors).

For 2012, the following entities were those with which independent directors at the most top 50 companies had “affiliations”: Stanford University (10 companies); General Electric (9); Harvard Business School (7); Bank of America (6); Boeing (6); Deloitte LLP (6); Ernst & Young LLP (6); and U.S. House of Representatives (6).



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