Lori Bikson

Lori Bikson is the associate editor of Remapping Debate. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, her law degree from American University, and her social work degree from New York University. Over the last 25 years, her work has included advocacy on behalf of people who have been discriminated against, particularly those with disabilities, as well as public policy work. She is excited to be putting her experience to use at Remapping Debate and looks forward to hearing from readers regarding what we should cover next.



Commentary | By Craig Gurian, By Lori Bikson | Media, Politics
Former Senator George McGovern, a life-long advocate for social justice and the 1972 Democratic candidate for president who issued a clarion call to “Come home, America,” died earlier this week. His obituary in The New York Times reflected all too well the problem of image over substance in our politics and failed — even at the distance of 40 years — to put the consequences of the 1972 election in perspective. More
Commentary | By Lori Bikson | Politics
Not so much, it seems, if you only want to become president of the United States. Ask Chris Christie. More
Commentary | By Cyrus Veeser, By Lori Bikson | Education
U.S. colleges and universities continue to be world leaders. Annual surveys of higher education consistently rank a disproportionate number of American institutions in the top 100. Yet U.S. primary and secondary schools do poorly compared to top-performing systems worldwide. It is time to reexamine the categorical separation of K-12 and postsecondary education. More
Press Criticism | By Lori Bikson | Health care, Washington Post
Washington Post story on Republican plans for holding 2011 oversight hearings as part of an effort to cause the public to repudiate the new health insurance law fails to ask basic questions about what the hearings strategy would mean, including questions about what evidence the GOP would be able to marshal or what counter-evidence Democrats might produce. More