Photo Essays

| Infrastructure, Role of government
Selections from the federal government's 1939 "Public Buildings" volume, with data on cost added.More
| Education, Infrastructure, Role of government
The images come primarily from the New York City Department of Education; Remapping Debate annotates them with cost data.More
| Alternative models, Role of government
On a recent fact-finding trip to Copenhagen, Remapping Debate spoke with a wide range of people, from business leaders to union officials, from members of parliament to unemployed Danes looking for work. In every interview, the subjects were asked the same question: From a Danish perspective, what lessons do you think that we in the United States have yet to learn? Here's what they said.More
| Corporate influence, Politics
At a rally on Friday Apr. 15 in New York City’s Union Square, the underlying message was that Democratic voters have been abandoned by the Democratic party and that progressives need to organize around what protesters describe as “key liberal values” — values they say have been forgotten by most Democratic officeholders. The cause of this disconnect, many demonstrators argued, can be traced back to the increasing influence of corporate interests in Washington. Here’s what some of them had to say.More
| Gender equity
Remapping Debate visited two national chain stores (one primarily devoted to toys; the other having toys along with a wide selection of other merchandise). Free "consumer preference," or gender stereotyping, or both?More
| Food
As a new report highlights millions in New York City who can't afford or don't have access to nutritious foods, we look first at food access in two neighborhoods at different stages of gentrification.More