Our Letters to the Editor mailbox is open

October 19, 2010 — We want to emphasize the importance we place on being able to include the voices of our audience on the pages of Remapping Debate.  Letters can be found by clicking here, or, in any edition, by clicking on the Letters to the Editor link in the site’s top navigation menu.

Old-fashioned letters do not provide for instant interactivity (our Facebook and Twitter links may be used for that), but we do hope that Letters to the Editor will be an opportunity for Remapping Debate and its readers to learn from your observations and reflections.

Our door is most emphatically open to all points of view; letters setting forth evidence and analysis that illuminate a debate are especially welcome. We have no fixed length for submissions: letters should be as short as they can be and as long as they need to be.

Send a letter by using the web form found in the right sidebar.