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Who's been lobbying for whom?

Map & Data Resources | By Althea Webber |

July 13, 2011 — Since January, Remapping Debate has partnered with the Center for Responsive Politics to track the “reverse revolving door” phenomenon in Washington.

Yesterday, CRP released a new report highlighting the increase in the number of ex-lobbyists now working as key Congressional staffers from the number employed in the previous (111th) Congress.

Buidling on CRP’s data, Remapping Debate presents a tool (see below) that allows for a detailed view of the interests — by “client,” industry, and sub-industry — that each ex-lobbyist represented.

On the next page, we enable the user to research in the opposite direction: selecting a “client” and identifying all of the ex-lobbyists employed in both the current or last Congress who have done that entity’s bidding. Note: information on Senate committee staff not available for the previous (111th) Congress.


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