Letters to the Editor

Are you going to encourage the crafting of policies that force minorities to not live with each other up to a certain threshold so that segregation will be eliminated? Are you going to encourage minorities to not live with each other? How are you going to sell that? More
To assert that ARNP training focuses on "care and comfort" is as insulting and biased as characterizing physician training as profit-motivated and paternalistic. More
The Commission received no appropriations and, as an independent commission cannot receive funds from other sources (HHS, foundations). More
Your claim that the Foundation has influenced the content of the "Understanding Financial Responsibility" pilot curriculum developed by Columbia Teachers College is untrue...The central premise of your 
article is contradicted by four key facts which you do not include or 
consider. More
If you want to find jobs killed by environmental regulation, try looking at the Northwest timber industry. There is none. It was all killed by EPA regulation for the spotted owl. Lumber mills and whole towns closed down and we now import the lost timber from Canada. More
I would have retired about three years earlier if I had been able to financially. I've said for years that for those proposing the raising of retirement ages for social security purposes, they should get out there and work on fishing boats, work as loggers, toil as steel workers, and any number of other physically demanding jobs and see how they hold up. More
It sounds like everyone needs to retire in order to begin to play, as if our system owes everyone play time. More
Several of your sources hauled out the old trope about how education is the key that solves it all. More