Here at Remapping Debate, we only have the resources to report on the fraction of the stories we’d like to cover. On the other hand, if some of our Big Brothers and Big Sisters eased up just a little on the horse race articles, there would be plenty of time to report on a variety of important stories that are hiding in plain sight — like these:

Leads | | Education, Politics, Taxes
The governor assures New Yorkers that there is a budgetary surplus that can fund a tax cut and that there’s even money to fund universal, state-wide pre-K without a tax increase. But would the money be available if the governor were honoring what the state’s highest court has determined to be the funding level necessary to meet the obligation to provide a “sound basic education” to all students?More
Leads | | Civil rights, Education, Housing, NYC
The New York Times just documented the continuing existence of an intense level of racial segregation in schools in New York City. The phenomenon, of course, is one that is widespread throughout the country. But scant attention was paid to the still-entrenched pattern of housing segregation that afflicts New York and many other metropolitan areas, a pattern that is a critical driver of segregation in schools.More
Leads | | Economy, Politics
Does it really make sense to take at face value the statements made by and behalf of Mitt Romney as he and his campaign try to place a positive spin on his tenure at Bain Capital? Wouldn’t it be better to look at how the firm articulates its mission for current and prospective business clients?More
Leads | | Quality of life
According to Remapping Debate's preliminary inquires, a range of factors have conspired to make us, in general, treat both family and strangers with less generosity of spirit than we once did. A relative lack of kindness would be disconcerting in any time, but it has special resonance at a time of pressing economic hardship and pronounced inequality. The diminution of kindness calls out for further study and reporting.More
Leads | | Labor, Regulation
In June, the National Labor Relations Board issued proposed rules to modernize and streamline the process by which a union can be certified to represent a group of workers. The hearing and comment period on those rules — which generated extensive activity, especially on the employer side — just ended. What questions are raised by the arguments that have been made?More
Leads | | Budget deficit
Might there be reasons independent of immediate job creation for the government to take advantage of historically low rates?More
Leads | | Energy
That wasn’t exactly the headline on Norimitsu Onishi’s excellent story published June 25 in The New York Times. Onishi’s reporting was presented under the headline, “‘Safety Myth’ Left Japan Ripe for Nuclear Crisis.” But the issues Onishi raised are begging to be probed in the U.S. context.More
Leads | | Housing, NYC, Politics
Governor Andrew Cuomo — who just played a historic role in securing marriage rights for gay and lesbian New Yorkers — is already being referred to as a presidential candidate for 2016, and is being touted as an "aggressive pragmatist" or "dynamic centrist." Why won’t the press pin him down on what specific outcome he sought in the battle pitting the need of millions of New Yorkers for affordable and secure housing against the desire of landlords and free market ideologues to continue to dismantle the rent regulation system?More