Press Criticism

Press Criticism | Greg Marx | Budget deficit, Media, Politics
February 9, 2011 — My family hails from Germany on my father’s side. When I was growing up, we occasionally had markers of German heritage around the house — a box of spaetzle in the pantry, or a...view
Press Criticism | Greg Marx | Politics
January 11, 2011 — You might not have noticed, unless you’re a true political junkie, but between reading a bowdlerized version of the Constitution and preparing for a vote to repeal the “job-killing...view
Press Criticism | Greg Marx | Environment
December 7, 2010 — You might think it would be hard to produce a news article that is simultaneously a puffy profile of an important government official, a credulous conduit for her leading opponents...view
Press Criticism | Craig Gurian | Taxes
December 3, 2010 — Sometimes there is just no other way to put it. Once a year, Maureen Dowd turns her column over to her brother; the device, if tired, is at least duly announced. Today, The New...view
Press Criticism | Greg Marx | New York Times, Social Security
November 16, 2010 — There’s a lot to worry about right now: high unemployment, tepid income growth, unchecked global warming, the list goes on. So readers of The New York Times could hardly have been...view
Press Criticism | Greg Marx, Craig Gurian | Wall Street Journal
October 26, 2010 — Ryan Chittum, who covers the business press for the Columbia Journalism Review, has a phrase to describe press coverage that attempts to obscure the central role played by mortgage...view
Press Criticism | Lori Bikson | Health care, Washington Post
October 12, 2010 — It is not as though I have anything against all “what if” articles.  On the contrary, imagining the consequences of a future state of affairs is essential for the making of...view