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Leads | | Law
Will advances in artificial intelligence result in cheaper and more effective ways to hold back incriminating evidence?More
Leads | | Social Security
Why won't a solution that incontrovertibly makes the system more sound be seriously discussed in polite media or political circles?More
Kudos | | Budget deficit, Social Security
A Reuters blogger bucks the Beltway consensus and explains why Social Security isn’t driving the federal deficit. The program itself has built up a surplus worth trillions, which policy-makers have borrowed and spent against for other purposes. But on the same day, other outlets continue to spread Social Security panic.More
Original Reporting | | Federalism
States representing as little as 27 percent of U.S. population could trump Congress, President, and Supreme Court under proposed constitutional amendment.More
Kudos |
American Prospect story highlights significant gaps in the data that are collected on major issues of public policy, omissions that hinder the ability to develop broad, evidence-based solutions.More
Kudos | | Slate
Slate's recent slide show is a good example of how "dry data" can be presented in a compelling fashion, forcing questions about policy choices to the fore.More