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Tracking where displaced top Congressional staffers have migrated

Map & Data Resources | By Althea WebberTimothy Martinez |

January 25, 2011 — Last week Remapping Debate announced its joint project with the Center for Responsive Politics to track new jobs being taken by ex-Members of the 111th Congress. This week Remapping Debate is launching a follow-up project to track the new employers and positions for the former Chiefs-of-Staff and Legislative Directors of the same ex-Members of Congress (those who left office at the end of 2010).

Of the 108 former staffers listed, 60 have taken other government positions, 27 have signed on to firms involved with lobbying, and four are joining academic institutions. Editor’s note: now reflecting May 26 updates.

We are still missing information on many former staffers. Remapping Debate is interested in the future plans of all former-senior staff members. Please send us your tips.



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