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The revolving door: ex-lobbyists now working for Congress

Map & Data Resources | By Althea Webber |

March 2, 2011 — Remapping Debate, continuing its collaborative efforts with the Center for Responsive Politics, is now tracking past lobbying positions held by the current Chiefs-of-Staff and Legislative Directors of members of Congress. Of the roughly 990 such staffers, at least 130 held one, if not several, lobbying positions prior to, or between, Congressional jobs. March 16 update: Remapping Debate has begun tracking Policy Directors, Policy Advisors, and Communications Directors. Of the approximately 300 staffers in this group, at least 25 were lobbyists in the past.

The table below is sorted by staff member, and provides other sorting options via a dropdown box below the table. The table on page 2 is sorted by lobbying entity.

Note: The “Year of First Cong. Position” indicates the first year for which Remapping Debate could confirm the individual was a member of Congressional staff.


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