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More U.S. kids in poverty than people in your state?

Map & Data Resources | By Craig Gurian |

Oct. 19, 2011 — Child poverty in the United States has never been a pretty picture, and it has gotten worse over the course of the last several years. To put the current picture is some perspective, we compared the population of each state to national figures for 2010 on total number of children under 18 in poverty. Only four states have a total population larger than the number of children in poverty in the U.S. We also included the following subsets of children in poverty: white, non-Hispanics; black, non-Hispanics; and Hispanics of any race. The populations of each of 24 states are smaller than the number of black, non-Hispanic children in poverty throughout the U.S. The corresponding number for white, non-Hispanic children is 28 states, and that for Hispanic children is 37 states.

Find data on child poverty trends from 2002 to 2010 by going to page 2.


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