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Large racial gaps in median income on city level

Map & Data Resources | By Mike Alberti |

November 23, 2010 — Data from the Census Bureau’s 2009 American Community Survey, released earlier this month, document continuing large disparities between the median household income of non-Latino Whites, on the one hand, and African Americans and Latinos on the other. The chart on this page shows city-by-city disparities in U.S. cities with populations of 500,000 or greater.  The cities are sorted beginning with the highest percentage by which median household income for non-Latino White households exceeds that of either African Americans or Latinos. Page 2 ranks per group median income in these large U.S. Cities (each color-coded bar on this second chart represents one racial or ethnic group in one city).  Of 136 rankings, the highest for African Americans is 55th place (El Paso, Texas).  Page 3 provides underlying median income data.


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