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Former lobbyists serving as top staffers on Congressional committees

Map & Data Resources | By Althea Webber |

March 9, 2011 — This week Remapping Debate provides an initial look at the lobbying histories of top staffers for Congressional committees. Of approximately 350 staff directors, deputy staff directors, general counsel, chief counsel, deputy chief counsel, and senior counsel, Remapping Debate has confirmed that over 40 of them held one (or more) lobbying jobs before taking their current positions.

Last week, Remapping Debate — partnering with the Center for Responsive Politics — launched a project tracking the previous lobbying positions held by the senior staff of Senators and Representatives. Click here to see the results that ongoing project.

Note: The “Majority or Minority Staff” column refers to whether a staffer works for the Senate Democratic majority, Senate Republican minority, House Republican majority, or House Democratic minority.

Additionally, the column “Year of 1st Cong. Position” reflects the first year for which Remapping Debate could confirm that the staffer had a job in Congress.


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