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“How could we resist?” The revolving door for ex-members of Congress

Map & Data Resources | By Samantha Cook |

March 6, 2013 — As we did two years ago, Remapping Debate has teamed up with the Center for Responsive Politics to examine revolving door and “reverse revolving door” issues. In our last edition, we looked at how many Chiefs-of-Staff and Legislative Directors that work for new members of Congress had previous positions with lobbying entities. Prior to that, we documented where Chiefs-of-Staff and Legislative Directors for outgoing members of Congress had found positions.  

This week, we take a preliminary look at the jobs being taken by members of the 112 Congress who either retired, resigned, were elected to a different government position, lost in a primary, or lost in the general election. Editors note: now reflecting March 14 updates.

Of 97 such ex-members, we so far have information on 30 of them. The sortable table below sets out the information we have aggregated.  

Of these 30 ex-members, 17 have signed on with employers that are either currently involved in lobbying or had been in the past (and one additional ex-member has started a consulting firm, and has not ruled out lobbying after the conclusion of a mandatory one-year no-lobbying requirement).

Unless otherwise noted, “Employer’s Lobbying Status” refers to the current lobbying status of the employer.



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