Conference of Catholic Bishops needs to do better

Letters to the Editor |

May 16, 2012 — Thanks for this [Two-tier morality? Catholic Bishops’ anti-poverty advocacy lags] well written and researched article. I’ve been saying this precise thing since before the burst of the housing bubble. But I’ve also been warning about the inability of the church “teachers” to address the issue of much more than secularism. It only poses a threat if we have not provided an adequate grounding for our young developing and new Catholics.

If we don’t teach and if we don’t nourish the always developing faith of mature adults, we shouldn’t be surprised that people leave the Church. This is the real fear, I suspect.

Secularist activists are just handy whipping dogs for the inability of the ‘teachers’ to teach. Our parishes are not given the tools and staffing for the task, and this hinders the ability to develop volunteers within our parishes.

This is a mess of the Church’s own making, in my humble opinion.

Chris Nunez, Santa Cruz, Calif.


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